First activity (movie)

The film, Perfettie Sconosciuti (Perfect Strangers), is directed Paolo Genovese. It was released on the 11th of february 2016. I watched this movie in Chassé Cinema. My first impression of the movie was that it was a good movie, but it was less of a comedy than i expected.
The film is a mix of fiction and non-fiction. The whole movie could take place in real life except for the end, as everything that happened in the movie was reversed as if nothing had ever happened. The film is a motion picture. The movie opens with introducing the characters to the viewer. Then they all come together at a dinner with friends. Carlotta, the wife of Rocco which are the owners of the house the dinner takes place decides to play a game with the friend group. She asks everyone to put their phones on the table and to share the messages / phone calls with the group ( without the person sending the texts or calling knowing). Then you already notice some of the friends getting nervous but you don not know why yet. The group gathers on the balcony to watch the lunar eclipse that is taking place. Then Lele asks Peppe to switch phones (which look the same) because he gets a picture of a woman every night at 10pm. Peppe finally decides to help him out and thus switch phones. At first nothing seems to go wrong but then there are private messages coming in, a message revealing one of the friends is gay, to a message revealing someone is cheating on their husband / wife. Then it seems like almost everyone except for Peppe and Rocco have cheated on their partner and Cosimo even with at least three woman at the same time one being Carlotta. Then the moon eclipse is over and everyone leaves the house of Rocco and Carlotta like nothing ever happened ( like nothing was revealed to each other).

The film techniques that stand out are camera usage / point of view and editing. The movie is never shot in first-person perspective. The camera is never fixed in one place either. Shots are edited in a way that there are only the face and shoulders of the actor in the shot. By doing this you can focus on one persons face and thus tell the viewer a little bit more about what is going to happen. For example when they all have to pur their phone on the table the camera focuses on Cosimo, you see that he does not want to put his phone on the table but because ‘no one has anything to hide’ he puts it on the table anyway. Later is revealed that he is cheating on his girlfriend with two other girls.
The plot of the movie is in chronological order. It is made exciting by not knowing what the persons have to hide on their phones, but you know that there is something that they have to hide. Sometimes the movie lets you think someone gets a tekst or a phone call from someone that they would rather have a private conversation with.
I watched the movie in groups (groepsverband). I went to see the movie with my dad and the rest of the room were strangers. The audience reacted tot he movie sometimes, mostly by laughing. I do not believe this influenced me. Some people laughed at the fact that there were so many of the friends cheating on each other, i did not think that was funny.
The film doesnt have very striking music. Sometimes there is some sad music playing but when couples are angry with each other and are screaming at each other, no music is played.
The movie has the genre comedy / drama. But as mentioned before I found it more a drama than a comedy.
The movie focuses on the message behind it and on what is happening in the story. The message behind it is pretty clear but the story surely plays a role.
This movie is an actor movie, it focuses on the characters in the film not the director his style.
The movie is trying to say that everyone has a mobile phone these days, but sometimes we forget that we have our entire private lives on our phones. It gives an exaggerated example, but very few people would dare to read all their texts out loud and put all their phone calls on speaker. In the movie you can notice this by what the actors say. They literally say some of the things i stated above like: ‘Our whole lives are on these things’. Do we know each other that well or is there a whole other world in our phones is also the message. While watching the movie I think the message might also be: maybe it is better this way ( to have our secrets and our private lives).