Cultural self-portrait

Cultural self-portrait

I am Sander van der Graaf. I am in class V4tf and I am 15 years old. I am from the Netherlands, Breda. My hobbies are gaming and playing guitar. I play classical guitar for four years now.

The CKV art-forms that seem most interesting to me are:

  1. Movie
  2. Music
  3. Architecture

The cultural assignment that I have already done for CKV is making an animation, which you can also see on my blog. The activity I would like to do the most for CKV is making my own movie. I would like to learn more about the subject architecture, I think that is interesting.



I read film reviews only when I see a movie that I might want to go to. When I read a lot of bad review I reconsider if I should go to the cinema or not. My favourite film is trilogy The Lord of The Rings. My favourite actor is Jason Statham, you might know him from The Transporter movies. The last movies I have seen are The Call and Chaos, I watched them both on Netflix. Both the movies were good, except for The Call not being realistic sometimes. I never rent a movie, I either watch them on Netflix or in the cinema. I watch Netflix about 4 days per week and I go to the cinema about once in two months. When I go to the cinema I mostly go to action/thriller movies. I hardly ever watch movies on television anymore because of Netflix, but when I didn’t have Netflix yet I and my father used to record a lot of movies that were on television.


I like to listen all sorts of music, i do not really have a preference for a certain genre. Hence, I do not have a favourite artist either. I have been to a concert once, in the Nieuwe Veste. The music that was played was on a classical guitar. As i have said in the introduction, I play classical guitar for four years now. I take classes that and I have an A and a B diploma. I play classical songs but also recent songs. Every once in a while I give a concert either in a group or alone. I do not like hardcore or hard rock, I will hardly ever listen to those type of songs.


I never dance. I see dance on tv sometimes and I like for example breakdance, popping or hip-hop. I don’t really like modern/ ballet. I have been to a dance performance in the Chasse Theatre once but I do not remember if I liked that or not.


I rarely go to a theatre. The performances I can remember I went to are Suske en Wiske: De Circusbaron and De Vloek van Woestewolf. I went to De Vloek van Woestewolf for my birthday I liked that one a lot, since I also liked the book. I liked the Suske en Wiske performance as well, I also liked the comics. If I had to choose for a theatre performance now, I would choose for something that is fun to watch, not necessarily with a deep meaning behind it, just for entertainment. So most likely I would choose for cabaret. I know Theo Maassen, Jochem Myjer, Guido Weijers, Ronald Goedemont, Najib Amhali, Hans Teeuwen and Youp van ‘t Hek. I have seen performances of every comedian mentioned above, but only on tv, never live.

Visual Arts

I have been to numerous museums. I remember going to Moti and The Kunsthal ( 2 times). In The Kunsthal there was an exhibition about the Romans. I found it very interesting and I still have a book we bought from the museum shop there.

In Moti there was a virtual reality world and an exhibition about optical illusions and how, for example, ads influence your mind subconsciously.

I know only the famous painters etc. like Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Da Vinci. In the British Museum I saw some pieces I really liked. The pieces were mostly sculptures, at least not paintings on a canvas. Marianne Naerebout

In my house are these art pieces. The first one is from Marianne Naerebout and the second one we don’t remember who it was. I don’t really mind then but I don’t find them beautiful.


I do not have a camera ( apart  from the camera in my phone). My parents do have a camera, not a really expensive one. I don’t take a lot of pictures, on trips mostly so of buildings or friends, but when I do I like making them. I try to get good lighting in my photos but it doesn’t always work out ( the sun can be in a wrong place).


I don’t really know much about architecture but a building I liked was The British museum.

I like it because it is built so high from the ground. It looks imposing and a little ‘disorientating’ with the curved ceiling.

A building I dislike is The Stada Stores. Because from the outside it looks like a large container.

I have been to many churches and most of the time I like the look of the building. The amount of effort put into them is hard to imagine.

I have not been to many famous buildings. With a school trip to London I have been to some. In London I went to Westminster.