Second activity (Musical)

Soldaat van Oranje The musical

This musical was written by Edwin de Vries, Music was made by Tom Harriman, Pamela Philips Oland and it was directed by Theu Boermans. And the main actors were Valentijn Bernard, Debbie Korper and Linde van den Heuvel. It was performed for the first time on the 30th of october 2010. I have seen the performance at airport Valkenburg, that is located in between Wassenaar, Katwijk and Leiden. My first impression of the performance was that the decor was very detailed and the audience seats turning was a unique and great addition.

The musical starts with an intro video on the screens (“curtains”). Then someone walks in front of the screen. The audience (all seats) turn at the same speed the actor walks. Then the two screens open, revealing a building in which a Student Union initiating new members. The actor walks into the decor. No music is played in the beginning except for during the intro video.

The decor is huge, it is 360 degrees since the audiences view can be changed over 360 degrees. There is a lot of detail in the decor, in one piece there even is a small beach and even a small sea with waves in it in which a boat is pushed. There is a lot of detail in the costumes as well. As you can see in the picture above. For example German soldier has a helmet and a symbol of the SS on his uniform. Everything is as realistic as possible. Most parts of the musical are described pretty clearly but sometimes (like an almost random dance in between) it is left up to interpretation. Objects like guns have detail as well. The gun shots are that loud they seem real and for example real motor bikes are driven around the decor.

The lighting in the musical plays quite a large role. When an actor walks in front of the decor (circle) and the audience turns at the same time, a spotlight follows the actor all the way. At times the lighting is turned off when the screens are open to recreate night time.

The decor has multiple stories at times, this makes it even more realistic, on of these you can see in the picture below.

At the end of the musical the hangar door open and a real old airplane that is outside of the building which was overwhelming.

The style of the musical is to make it realistic, with some humour in it, to make it look as natural as possible (except for the comedic parts). The actress that plays the queen is a bit melodramatic, overexaggerating most of the time, which is part of her character.

When the screens are open, the actors do not talk to the audience, except for when they are singing a song. When an actor is walking alone in front of the screen, they do talk straight to the audience. This gives you the feeling you know their thoughts more.

The director probably adjusted some of the text, since it had to be a little different form the movie, or it may not have sounded realistic.

I would call the movie a tragedy, since most of the movie revolves around the conflicts in times of war.

The meaning of the performance is meant as entertainment and to make you laugh, but also to make you think about how you would act in war. Would you resist? Would you join the enemy? Would you betray other to keep yourself/ you family safe? It was also quite emotional at times.

Cultural self-portrait

Cultural self-portrait

I am Sander van der Graaf. I am in class V4tf and I am 15 years old. I am from the Netherlands, Breda. My hobbies are gaming and playing guitar. I play classical guitar for four years now.

The CKV art-forms that seem most interesting to me are:

  1. Movie
  2. Music
  3. Architecture

The cultural assignment that I have already done for CKV is making an animation, which you can also see on my blog. The activity I would like to do the most for CKV is making my own movie. I would like to learn more about the subject architecture, I think that is interesting.



I read film reviews only when I see a movie that I might want to go to. When I read a lot of bad review I reconsider if I should go to the cinema or not. My favourite film is trilogy The Lord of The Rings. My favourite actor is Jason Statham, you might know him from The Transporter movies. The last movies I have seen are The Call and Chaos, I watched them both on Netflix. Both the movies were good, except for The Call not being realistic sometimes. I never rent a movie, I either watch them on Netflix or in the cinema. I watch Netflix about 4 days per week and I go to the cinema about once in two months. When I go to the cinema I mostly go to action/thriller movies. I hardly ever watch movies on television anymore because of Netflix, but when I didn’t have Netflix yet I and my father used to record a lot of movies that were on television.


I like to listen all sorts of music, i do not really have a preference for a certain genre. Hence, I do not have a favourite artist either. I have been to a concert once, in the Nieuwe Veste. The music that was played was on a classical guitar. As i have said in the introduction, I play classical guitar for four years now. I take classes that and I have an A and a B diploma. I play classical songs but also recent songs. Every once in a while I give a concert either in a group or alone. I do not like hardcore or hard rock, I will hardly ever listen to those type of songs.


I never dance. I see dance on tv sometimes and I like for example breakdance, popping or hip-hop. I don’t really like modern/ ballet. I have been to a dance performance in the Chasse Theatre once but I do not remember if I liked that or not.


I rarely go to a theatre. The performances I can remember I went to are Suske en Wiske: De Circusbaron and De Vloek van Woestewolf. I went to De Vloek van Woestewolf for my birthday I liked that one a lot, since I also liked the book. I liked the Suske en Wiske performance as well, I also liked the comics. If I had to choose for a theatre performance now, I would choose for something that is fun to watch, not necessarily with a deep meaning behind it, just for entertainment. So most likely I would choose for cabaret. I know Theo Maassen, Jochem Myjer, Guido Weijers, Ronald Goedemont, Najib Amhali, Hans Teeuwen and Youp van ‘t Hek. I have seen performances of every comedian mentioned above, but only on tv, never live.

Visual Arts

I have been to numerous museums. I remember going to Moti and The Kunsthal ( 2 times). In The Kunsthal there was an exhibition about the Romans. I found it very interesting and I still have a book we bought from the museum shop there.

In Moti there was a virtual reality world and an exhibition about optical illusions and how, for example, ads influence your mind subconsciously.

I know only the famous painters etc. like Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Da Vinci. In the British Museum I saw some pieces I really liked. The pieces were mostly sculptures, at least not paintings on a canvas. Marianne Naerebout

In my house are these art pieces. The first one is from Marianne Naerebout and the second one we don’t remember who it was. I don’t really mind then but I don’t find them beautiful.


I do not have a camera ( apart  from the camera in my phone). My parents do have a camera, not a really expensive one. I don’t take a lot of pictures, on trips mostly so of buildings or friends, but when I do I like making them. I try to get good lighting in my photos but it doesn’t always work out ( the sun can be in a wrong place).


I don’t really know much about architecture but a building I liked was The British museum.

I like it because it is built so high from the ground. It looks imposing and a little ‘disorientating’ with the curved ceiling.

A building I dislike is The Stada Stores. Because from the outside it looks like a large container.

I have been to many churches and most of the time I like the look of the building. The amount of effort put into them is hard to imagine.

I have not been to many famous buildings. With a school trip to London I have been to some. In London I went to Westminster.

First activity (movie)

The film, Perfettie Sconosciuti (Perfect Strangers), is directed Paolo Genovese. It was released on the 11th of february 2016. I watched this movie in Chassé Cinema. My first impression of the movie was that it was a good movie, but it was less of a comedy than i expected.
The film is a mix of fiction and non-fiction. The whole movie could take place in real life except for the end, as everything that happened in the movie was reversed as if nothing had ever happened. The film is a motion picture. The movie opens with introducing the characters to the viewer. Then they all come together at a dinner with friends. Carlotta, the wife of Rocco which are the owners of the house the dinner takes place decides to play a game with the friend group. She asks everyone to put their phones on the table and to share the messages / phone calls with the group ( without the person sending the texts or calling knowing). Then you already notice some of the friends getting nervous but you don not know why yet. The group gathers on the balcony to watch the lunar eclipse that is taking place. Then Lele asks Peppe to switch phones (which look the same) because he gets a picture of a woman every night at 10pm. Peppe finally decides to help him out and thus switch phones. At first nothing seems to go wrong but then there are private messages coming in, a message revealing one of the friends is gay, to a message revealing someone is cheating on their husband / wife. Then it seems like almost everyone except for Peppe and Rocco have cheated on their partner and Cosimo even with at least three woman at the same time one being Carlotta. Then the moon eclipse is over and everyone leaves the house of Rocco and Carlotta like nothing ever happened ( like nothing was revealed to each other).

The film techniques that stand out are camera usage / point of view and editing. The movie is never shot in first-person perspective. The camera is never fixed in one place either. Shots are edited in a way that there are only the face and shoulders of the actor in the shot. By doing this you can focus on one persons face and thus tell the viewer a little bit more about what is going to happen. For example when they all have to pur their phone on the table the camera focuses on Cosimo, you see that he does not want to put his phone on the table but because ‘no one has anything to hide’ he puts it on the table anyway. Later is revealed that he is cheating on his girlfriend with two other girls.
The plot of the movie is in chronological order. It is made exciting by not knowing what the persons have to hide on their phones, but you know that there is something that they have to hide. Sometimes the movie lets you think someone gets a tekst or a phone call from someone that they would rather have a private conversation with.
I watched the movie in groups (groepsverband). I went to see the movie with my dad and the rest of the room were strangers. The audience reacted tot he movie sometimes, mostly by laughing. I do not believe this influenced me. Some people laughed at the fact that there were so many of the friends cheating on each other, i did not think that was funny.
The film doesnt have very striking music. Sometimes there is some sad music playing but when couples are angry with each other and are screaming at each other, no music is played.
The movie has the genre comedy / drama. But as mentioned before I found it more a drama than a comedy.
The movie focuses on the message behind it and on what is happening in the story. The message behind it is pretty clear but the story surely plays a role.
This movie is an actor movie, it focuses on the characters in the film not the director his style.
The movie is trying to say that everyone has a mobile phone these days, but sometimes we forget that we have our entire private lives on our phones. It gives an exaggerated example, but very few people would dare to read all their texts out loud and put all their phone calls on speaker. In the movie you can notice this by what the actors say. They literally say some of the things i stated above like: ‘Our whole lives are on these things’. Do we know each other that well or is there a whole other world in our phones is also the message. While watching the movie I think the message might also be: maybe it is better this way ( to have our secrets and our private lives).